Should We Change Our Hair Colors to Match the Seasons? Stylists Express Their Opinions

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Should We Change Our Hair Colors to Match the Seasons? Stylists Express Their Opinions

Seasonal changes frequently necessitate a change in hair color. However, should we really be changing our hair colors seasonally? Given that the seasons vary every three to four months, it seems excessive to modify our colours in response to temperature changes. I found myself seriously debating if it was even necessary to update our hue to stay current with seasonal trends. As a result, I contacted a few colorists to ascertain their thoughts on the matter. Continue reading to learn what they had to say!

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So, Should We Alternate Our Hair Color with the Seasons?

Unsurprisingly, the hair colorists we spoke with are adamant about seasonal hair updates. Sara Lim, a colorist professional and instructor located in Los Angeles, is adamant that we should refresh our hair color throughout this time period. She does, however, recommend that you "do not attempt this at home, plan realistic alterations, and listen to your colorist." Sara explains, "When my clients want to change their color, they understand that they must have a few photos of what they want to achieve and that the change will be subtle yet noticeable." For instance, adding depth and low lighting, altering the tone, or increasing or decreasing the number of highlights."

Cynthia Lumzy, brand ambassador for Matrix and wigs colorist, declares gleefully that we should "definitely" refresh our hair color seasonally. "I honestly believe that changing one's hair color may help a person feel new and open up new and exciting opportunities," she says.

Alisha Rodrigues, a hairstylist and proprietor of Lavish Salon in Providence, Rhode Island, concurs that changing our hair color periodically is a given. It's enjoyable to experiment with our shades every few months, though she notes that "at times, changing it too frequently might be hard for the hair." Certain colors require a high level of maintenance, making it difficult to maintain a certain hair color from season to season."

However, should the seasons dictate our hair color changes?

Lighter tones are generally favoured in the spring and summer, while darker shades are preferred in the winter and fall. I was wondering if we should continue with that color scheme or if we should alter it to something else. Sara explains, "this has been a pattern for eons, and I'm not opposed to it." It works because many of us want some color in our complexion during the summer, which is enhanced by lighter hair. However, these are merely patterns. Throughout the winter, I continue to highlight clients—perhaps not as brightly or leaving them with more golden natural tones. I support this trend since it allows the hair to rest from lightening and I believe that people truly like the color shift."

Alisha concurs, stating that the majority of her clients prefer darker tones in the winter and then brighten their strands in the summer. She did acknowledge that altering one's hair color "depends on one's lifestyle." Sometimes all you want is a change, so it all depends on you, your mood that day, and your stage of life." We are not always prepared for those dramatic seasonal changes; I know I am not.

"You should update your hair color anytime you feel the urge to," Cynthia advises. It is not always necessary to adjust your color scheme in response to the changing seasons. She continues, "If you enjoy changing your hair frequently, choosing for human hair wigs is an excellent option to mix up your locks and give your natural hair a break."

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How About Those Seasonal Hair Color Trends?

Hairstyles ebb and flow. Certain individuals persist, while others take a sabbatical only to return years later. With that in mind, I was intrigued as to how our colorists felt about adhering to seasonal hair color trends. They all agreed that it depended on the individual.

"I usually tell people to rock whatever they feel most comfortable in," Sara explains. "Avoid following a trend that you believe looks bad. You only glow when you are self-assured and attractive."

According to Alisha, some of her "customers never color their hair because they adore their natural hue—which is very stunning in and of itself." There is no need to deviate from what you enjoy if you do not wish to.

Cynthia agrees that it depends on what you desire, but she also believes that "being current with trends is never a bad thing." If you're someone who enjoys staying current, then do so. After all, it is your hair color.