Minneapolis Lakers Colors Dress Up on The Nike LeBron 19

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Minneapolis Lakers Colors Dress Up on The Nike LeBron 19

Due to a strained abdomen, Menairshoes is currently off the court and he is playing his iconic shoe series. Recently, the color scheme of Nike LeBron 19 seems to have been inspired by the Lakers in Minneapolis. Before Los Angeles, this basketball team called Michigan and Minnesota "home", and Minnesota's current name was born from this-this central state was called "Land of Ten Thousand Lakes." From 1947 to 1960, the current Los Angeles Lakers (Los Angeles Lakers) wore pink blue and "college gold" uniforms, both of which appeared on James' latest basketball sneakers. However, unlike the previous claim, the obvious recognition of the team's history plays a secondary role in this pair of predominantly light cream combinations. Most synthetic fiber and textile uppers are low-key colors, and the Air Max unit around the heel and the linear upper under the foot are immersed in blue and gold shades. The upcoming Nike LeBron does not have the "MPLS" text, but the similarities are obvious.

Earlier this year and at the end of last year, KAWS and Air Jordan 1 Fearless Chitose Abe launched a series of sacai x Nike products. First, the artist put the mark on LDWaffle; then, he not only planned the color of the whole outfit, but also planned two colors of Blazer low. According to the latest news, the latter style seems to be returning with a new color scheme. This pair is a vibrant spring match. This pair of shoes was very cleanly cut at the ankles, and the bottom was dark purple, which also dyed the tongue red, and one of them also used shoe laces. The bright pale yellow is located at the back and next to it, and despite the subtler impression of the lamps, it still stands out. On the side, Swooshes are louder, combining water blue leather and hot pink suede. Then, all of these are located on top of a white tool with KAWS's signature double Xs printed on its surface.

As early as the 1980s, Nike cooperated with Chinese factories to launch a series of test shoes. This series is called "The One Line", simple runners reintegrated into the big stripes, rather than the more familiar Swoosh. Here, this design continues, thanks to the Air Force No. 1 "naike", which pays homage to both the shoes and the brand's relationship with China. New Nike Sneakers ,The gray suede is used along the forefoot and hindfoot, sandwiched between the white part that wraps from the outside to the inside. A matching Swoosh is overlapped adjacently, adding a more modern twist to the original concept of the aforementioned package. The label on the heel reads the spelling of "naike", while the label on the inner side reads meaningful "Inner peace through sports". ALD launched many not-so-famous NB series sports shoes, shaking up the sports shoe market, but in the latest cooperation, the company reinvented the 993 for the first time. The two new surface pairs are addicted to a mesh base, high-quality pig suede covering combination; abzorb-cushioning and durable matching outsole chose the black tone arrangement, so that the color palette of the upper revels in the spotlight. Teddy Santis, the current creative director of New Balance's "Made in America", did not disclose the source of inspiration for these two colors, but when paired with graffiti fonts on promotional materials, these two colors On the surface, the combination becomes a tribute to Santis' hometown. The pair of dark brown and green is worthy of the "beef and broccoli" nickname widely given to a certain Timerland to start a similar bright color, inspired by Chinese cuisine, while gray, blue and burgundy are arranged in the second 993 reference color, packaging MTA subway cars were in the 1990s. In that era, train "explosions" (painting) were more common among urban youth.